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Reusable medical equipment.

Posted onago 2 Years

The pandemic moved everyone's life, even turned it upside down. But that did not stop two young people named Paula and Felipe from investing their time at home to create washable and reusable medical equipment at least 50 times.

The shortage of such uniforms has been tremendous, causing each piece of equipment to be removed to avoid contagion and thus protect the lives of all those inside and outside the hospitals. 

The main idea was to raise funds for the purchase of medical equipment, but, many times small efforts lead to bigger ones, and one of them was to find a fabric produced in Mexico, with the main characteristic of being reusable. This fabric is exported to the United States and Europe.

The characteristics of the fabric produced by Carolina Performance include:

  • Waterproof
  • Sterile
  • Washable
  • Efficient
  • Does not allow the penetration of particles.  

The material was already there, now we had to find a company that would support the idea and see it through to completion. This is how PESA Uniformes entered the project, contributing to the manufacture of gowns and suits, but much earlier, these proposals had to be guaranteed, complying with specific characteristics that would allow their use in a more dynamic, but above all protective, way. 

After almost three months of being closed, PESA Uniformes chose a team of 8 people to manufacture them, which takes place once a week, taking a time between each garment of 20 to 30 minutes. To date, 252 kits have been donated, and thanks to the design, we are now looking to create kits for pregnant women with COVID-19, allowing the protection of the baby at birth.

"ProtG un hero" is the name of the project, which seeks to raise funds to continue manufacturing and continue with the donations, without losing sight of the main goal: protection. Each gown includes a label with the instructions for hand and machine washing, including the legend "ProTG a hero". 

To generate and be empathetic in difficult situations, will always be the light of each moment, the initiative of this project is undoubtedly the grain of sand that allows us to continue believing that together we achieve more. 

Thank you, Paula and Felipe, and our team for your dedication. 

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