Art and its importance in our life

Posted onago 2 Years

Art has been a part of humanity since the first signs of man on earth, and since then, it has been a part of our life and culture.

Art is a way of expressing ourselves, not only in an abstract way, as we also turn it into a tool and means of communication to reach others. The messages we transmit with art generate an impact, whether positive or negative. Of that, we have no doubt.


Art as an expression. 

If there is something we should be clear about, it is that art is not only a tool to communicate but also a way of expressing ideas, feelings, and thoughts that often cannot be demonstrated otherwise. Whether with a dance, a painting that we want to observe for hours, a book that we can’t put down or a musical piece that reaches unsuspected spaces, all these forms make art liberating.

It’s very difficult to give a single definition of art as nowadays there is nothing that can describe it accurately; and it’s not that we need to give it a definition as each person gives a different and proper meaning to it. Being rational and sensitive beings, we can give a wider meaning to art.


Besides, we can’t deny that each of the activities we know as art helps us in our day to day. These activities take us to different moments with which we can feel identified. Artists imprint their feelings to their work, and they transmit it to us, generating other feelings in our being in a particular way.

The tools, techniques and language that artists use are elements to create their work. We believe that these works have something specific that causes us that feeling of wonder; perhaps this is because many artists passionately represent feelings to which we are no strangers. Love, sadness, among many others.

Classifying art is an activity that occurs in a general way since as recent times broader manifestations of art have emerged, including some that were not previously considered art. 

Classification of art 

Project designs of buildings, churches and houses give meaning and form to the environment of the human being, creating an environment-man relationship. The architecture shows the magnitude of the buildings and the greatness of what has been built. A good building can’t be only recognized by the location where it is located, but by the exterior and interior beauty it shows.

For many, music gives us the concentration we need, it causes an improvement in hearing, achieving not only a better perception but also a connection with our interior. The sounds of perfectly organized musical instruments have created, generate an impact after their publication.  

Various plastic elements are required to recreate different unrelated elements, either real or fictitious. Once the piece is complete, it becomes a completely different work with a new meaning, including the feelings and thoughts that were involved in the development of the work.


Starting with a malleable element and the intention of transforming it, the sculpture represents a real or fictional passage. The projections that sculptures show are so perfect and meticulously crafted in detail that they generate the sensation that what is shown really happened. 

It transmits messages using written language, causing the stories that come to us to be full of emotion and creativity that start in the author’s imagination.
The fact that society analyzes and appreciates what is presented as art represents a way of education.

This education is not only intellectual but also moral and philosophical; it causes you to consider reviewing the values that we are aware of, accepting the beauty and the wonderfulness of what is being appreciated.